Service & Training

MSA offer various training courses, most of which relate to the maintenance of breathing sets. The courses are held at MSA Netherlands in the city of Hoorn. The participant will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. These courses were written based on the guidelines of the NVBR (Netherlands Association for Fire Care and Disaster Prevention).


Respiratory Certification Training

  • Level 2: Mask training, resulting in a 2-year certification
  • Level 2/3: Daily maintenance, resulting in a 2-year certification
  • Level 4: Annual maintenance according to the factory regulations (only for end users). The basic prerequisite is at least 1 year of maintenance experience, resulting in a 1-year certification

These training courses are organised around the products utilised by the end user. The certification training contains a mix of theory and practice. The mask, the breather regulator, breathing set, cylinder, alphaCLICK system, the ICU and/or alphaSCOUT are covered during the training courses.


Helmet Training

Helmet training provides the end user with all of the information required for responsible equipment maintenance, repair and usability assessment, resulting in a 5-year certification.


Tailored TecBos software training courses


For information, please contact MSA Netherlands, phone: 0229-250-336