Upgrade your SUPREMATouch gas detection system

Maximize the safety of your workers. Be protected against interruptions or inconveniences.

Upgrade your SUPREMATouch today!

MSA's SUPREMATouch controller unit

Within a life cycle of a product the probability of failure increases. Systems ordered 10 years ago are now at the end of their life cycle and would not comply with today’s safety standards relevant to your plant and personal protection. Although faults and alarms will still be signaled, an increase in false alarms is likely.

Learn how you can maximize the safety for your workers by easily upgrading your old systems. Be protected against any interruptions or inconveniences!

Together with the new ULTIMA® X5000, General Monitors S5000 and Senscient ELDS detectors, the SUPREMATouch is the perfect choice to build the optimal gas detection system for your application.

Why You Should Upgrade

Reduced Cost of Ownership

  • Probability of failure reduced
  • Fewer plant shut-downs
  • New automated functionalities replace manual labour
  • Calibration options reduce time and work

Greater Modularity

  • Seamless integration of detectors
  • Flexible per configuration menu setup for
    • ULTIMA X5000 or any other 4-20mA transmitter
    • Series 47K or any other mV passive sensor
    • Smoke detectors
    • Manual call points

Ease of Use

  • New intuitive touchscreen allows fast system configuration
  • No programming skills are necessary
  • One input card (MAI30) for all variations of measuring points
  • Not necessary to stock various input cards

Highest Safety Standards

  • Complies with the latest safety standards
  • ATEX (EN 50271, EN 50104, EN 60079-29-1)
  • SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • CSA (pending)
  • DNV-GL
  • EAC (pending)